Admission Center

Enrollment center is directly under the school unit, which functions build and manage enrollment, library and school training services; Organization of implementation of the enrollment of the system of training, technology transfer and training services, job introduction for students - students; Management and exploitation of the school library. Centre's business units, dependent accounting, operations and transactions in accordance with law. Center under the leadership and management of direct comprehensive and principals.


The goal of the Center is providing young people in Hue a high quality of training schools with the facilities, appropriate instruments. In particular, the center provides technical knowledge of both the theory and practical exercises; training methods improve and fix basic knowledge about management workshops; courses on customer service. With these improvements, the center will provide society with graduates skilled technicians qualified for industrial labor force.

HUEIC Foreign Language & Computer Center

Our mission: "Provide training model modern, environmentally efficient in professional education and training of qualified specialists, highly qualified to meet the needs of society", in recent years Chinese has not stopped center research effort, designing and compiling many training programs meet national standards and internationally in the field of foreign languages and informatics. Centre has been further aligned with the training units prestigious top quality in the field of IT, foreign languages to help students with good academic results, quickly achieve satisfactory levels as your expectation.