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Welcoming Niigata Industrial Technology College (Japan)

Welcoming Niigata University of Industrial Technology - Japan On October 17, 1818, Niigata Industrial Technology College( Japan) visited and worked with Hue Industrial College. The two sides exchanged views on the issue of linking training and expanding employment opportunities for students of Hue Industrial College after graduation. Niigata Industrial Technolog Collegey(Japan) is a 50-year training institute specializing in technical short courses specialized in Niigata schools. automotive technology and electrical control technology. Graduates of the College will receive a short-term technical college degree equivalent to a national qualification (degree II in auto maintenance) and have the opportunity to work immediately after graduation. The Niigata University of Industrial Technology (Niigata) wishes to combine its training with Hue Industrial College in the future to provide Japanese language training in Vietnam and provide scholarships for students to study in Japan. and after graduation will ensure employment for students of Hue College of Industry in Japan.

Sent on Date: 21/11/2018
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