History and mission

The Faculty of Construction was established on September 15, 2012 according to the Decision No. 323/QD-CDCNH issued by the Rector of Hue Industrial College, formerly known as Construction Department.

At the present, the Faculty of Construction is in charge of the education level at College, Vocational College, Basic tertiary training, continuing education from Basic tertiary training level to college level. In addition, Hue Industrial College also cooperates with other universities to work on continuing education from College, Vocational College, Basic tertiary training level to University level (Bachelor Degree), in different fields such as civil construction, road and bridge construction, urban infrastructure technology, architect and construction economics. At present, the Faculty of Construction has 500 students and over 10 lecturers with 90% of lecturers having postgraduate degree.


In term  of facilities: In addition to professional rooms for practicing such as informatics, chemistry, mechanical strength, dynamic mechanics, etc. which belong to other faculties in the college, the Faculty of Construction is managing the following rooms:

+ Construction technique practice room with the area of 300m2 with full equipment and machines serving the training and vocational practice in construction field.

+ Construction material and construction quality verification laboratory with the area of 120m2 with a lot of modern equipment, satisfying the demand on research and study of lecturers and students.

With lectures having good experience and full facilities in laboratory, the Faculty of Construction gradually affirms the role of training the construction labor force in the Central and the Central Highland region.


The Faculty has effective cooperation relationship with lots of large companies operating in design and construction. Therefore, students are able to practice in professional environment as well as to have suitable job after graduating.

When studying at the Faculty of Construction - Hue Industrial College, the opportunity of studying and improving the knowledge of students are always broaden through frequent learning programs which are updated according to the demand of social development.

Welcome to the Faculty of Construction – Hue Industrial College.


Room X2.205, 2nd Floor, Workshop II, Hue Industrial College,

70 Nguyen Hue – Hue City

Telephone: 054.2470763; Email: