The Faculty of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration of Hue Industrial College was established according to Decision No. 157/QD-CDCNH on August 22, 2006 by the Rector of Hue Industrial College.

The mission of the Faculty is training students in different levels from College, Vocational College, Basic tertiary training and vocational tertiary training; organizing classes to improve and test workers’ abilities and grant vocational certificates for workers in the field of Thermal and Refrigeration Engineering from different companies and corporates. Apart from teaching work and learning to improve professional skills, the Faculty is also strong in scientific research and transferring of new technologies. The Faculty annually has new projects at the Institution’s level and Ministry’s level. Besides this, the Faculty also collaborates with other manufacturing companies to exchange experience, knowledge and technology, as well as sending students for internships.

Faculty Members

The Faculty has 13 lecturers, including 4 Ph.D. Candidates (1 Ph.D. candidate in Russia, 1 Ph.D. candidate in Germany 2 Ph.D. candidates in Vietnam), 7 Master-degree holders and 2 engineers/bachelors. The Faculty usually has visiting lecturers who are Professors/Assistant Professors from other universities in the country and region.


The Faculty of Thermal and Refrigeration Engineering

Headquarter: 1st Floor, Factory Laboratory 2 (X2)

Tel: 054 3849037