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Workshop on "application of data science in health development"

On 02/02/2018, at Hue Industrial College, faculty of information technology - communication, Hue Industrial College and medprove company held a workshop ``application of data science in the development of medicine ``. dr. cung trong cuong - rector of Hue Industrial College, mr. Dao Hieu - managing director and mr. Lam Vinh Giang - finance manager of Medprove company together with lecturers and students of faculty of information technology - communication, Hue Industrial College attended the workshop.

At the conference, Mr. Dao Hieu discussed the importance of collecting, processing and developing in clinical medicine as well as medical data. With the speed of rapid technology development and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning, this will be an industry, very potential in the future.

Also at the conference, students participated in exciting discussions on data science in health development and paid special attention to the future of this field while exploring employment opportunities. as practiced at medprove company. It is known that during this time medprove will interview and recruit more staff positions in software engineering.

The role of data is increasingly important in life, especially medical data. vietnam is a country with more than 90 million people, the collection, processing and development of medical data tools is a very big activity and a potential market for it. /.

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