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The inauguration of the National Vocational Education Teacher Conference 2018

On the morning of September 15th, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) held the inauguration ceremony of the National Vocational Education Teacher Conference in 2018.
Report on the preparation of the lecture, Mr. Truong Anh Dung - Head of the Organizing Board of the lecture, said the professional teacher education conference nationwide is held every three years, a large convergence. Teachers are teaching at vocational education institutions across the country. In preparation for the National Conference this year, the Central Conference Organizing Committee, Hanoi City and the two venues have coordinated closely to prepare the necessary conditions for the conference. Up to now, the preparatory work has been completed, ready for the demonstration of pedagogical skills and career skills of 373 teachers in 244 vocational education institutions nationwide, taking part in 90 occupations and divisions. according to 16 subcommittees.

In this year's contest, the delegation of Hanoi has the highest number of teachers attending 29 lectures, followed by the Ho Chi Minh City delegation with 23 teachers. The average age of the participating teachers is 34 years, in which the youngest teacher is 25 years old and the oldest teacher is 48 years old. This conference is expected to have nearly 1,700 teachers, teachers, leaders of local and vocational education institutions to attend to encourage, encourage and learn experience.

          The new curriculum of vocational education teachers this year is: the conference does not limit the number of registered jobs; Teachers participating in lectures only conduct lectures, do not check awareness and handle pedagogical situations; lectures at the conference include lecture theory, hands-on lecture and integrated lecture; Each lecturer participating in the lecture must prepare the above three lectures and draw lots to select one of the three lectures taking the official exam at the lecture; Assessment of the lecture is done immediately after the teacher completes the lecture, ...

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Le Quan, Deputy Minister of MOLISA, said that the 4th Industrial Revolution had profound impact on the teaching process of vocational education. The role of the teacher always play an important role, the core to ensure the quality of vocational education to meet the needs of enterprises. The mission of the teacher in the new age has changed, but the inspirational and passionate career of the teacher is not an age that can be changed. Professional education teacher education will continue to take wing for career enthusiasts for professional education teachers. Over the past years, the attention of the Party, Government, professional education teachers has been improved in quality, increase in number. However, in the face of the need to innovate, improve the quality and develop high quality human resources, vocational education teachers need to constantly train, improve professional capacity, professional skills and connect people. study with the labor market.

In order for the Conference to be successful, the Vice Minister should ask the Conference Organizing Committee to do their best, the jury should focus on intellectual, professional capacity and pedagogy to evaluate accurately and seriously the articles. lecture. On this occasion, the Deputy Minister praised the efforts and efforts of professional education teachers throughout the country, especially teachers working in remote and difficult areas. towel.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Ngo Van Quy - Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee said that the city is very honored to be selected by the MOLISA to host the professional education teachers conference Over the past years, the Party and the State have paid much attention to invest in the development of vocational education to meet high quality human resources and socio-economic development. Implementing the plan to organize the professional teacher education conference 2018 of MOLISA, Hanoi People's Committee has instructed DOLISA to coordinate with departments in the city to prepare All necessary steps to successfully organize the conference. On behalf of the government and the people of the capital, the vice president sent his wishes for health and success to the central leaders, provincial leaders, city leaders, international guests and teachers. To attend the conference, wish the conference good success.
At the Opening Ceremony, Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung and Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee presented the commemorative flags to the delegations attending professional teacher education conference; Deputy General Director of Vocational Training Truong Anh Dung and Director of Hanoi Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs Khuat Van Thanh donated flowers and certificates to acknowledge the contribution and attend the lectures of some enterprise.



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